BrassDogs is about your dogs . . .

I have made BrassDogs since 1985.  I love it.

​The artwork for these is original.  I create BrassDogs by etching the artwork into Brass, and cutting away the surrounding metal.  The process is time consuming and involved.  I make BrassDogs in Rio Vista California.

I have designs for 160 different AKC breeds.  I do not have cross breeds like doodles, and I am missing many AKC additions from recent years.  The breeds I have are lovely, and is presented in a couple different forms: Round and Oval Ornaments, Bookmarks and some lovely set pieces in frames featuring scenes with Poodles and Afghan Hounds.  I will even have earrings soon with dog silhouettes.

I can customize each Ornament by adding a dog name (or birth date and name, etc.) by means of hand stamping that information on a round brass tag and hanging it above the ornament, or mounting it in the frame with the BrassDog.  See examples under Personalization tab.  Cost is only $5 per/

name when you are buying an item.  Slightly more for more information, but I am happy to quote you.  This adds only about one day to your order, and adds a nice personal touch.  To date, the record was 5 names hanging above one Dachshund, each name to represent each of my customer's dogs. 

One ornament, 5 names.  So be creative.​