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BrassDogs is for dog lovers . . .

I have made BrassDogs since 1985 . . .

 in Rio Vista California.  I etch original artwork into Brass and Stainless Steel.  The process is time consuming and involves much attention to detail. I make round ornaments and a portrait ornament in the shape fo an Oval.  Round Ornaments show the breed's entire body.. I also make keychains and bookmarks, most of which feature a silhouette of the breed

These gift items feature 160 different AKC dog breeds.  That is a lot, but I am adding in more recent AKC breeds.  Right now I do not have any cross breeds.  If you are part of a breed club, let me know if you are interested in a quantity purchase of a particular breed ornament, even if its one I do not yet show. 

All round and oval shaped ornaments can be set into a versatile picture frame.  Adding a frame costs only $10 in addition to the cost of the Ornament.  Frame can be hung on a wall or to set on table or shelf.  It can be set one way, then later changed to the other.

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