BrassDogs is about your dogs . . .

I have made BrassDogs since 1985.

I make BrassDogs in Rio Vista California.  I etch the artwork into Brass. 

The process is time consuming and involved.

I make 160 different AKC breeds.  I do not have cross breeds like doodles.   I am also

missing many more recent AKC additions.  The breeds are lovely in their etched form.

I make 2 different ornaments: round and oval.  Ovals are like a portrait of the breed.

I also make bookmarks which feature a silhouette of the breed.

I can customize an Ornament by adding a dog name by means of hand stamping that information on a round brass tag that is attached above the ornament.  This adds $8 to the cost, and takes an additional 4 working days.  Contact me by email - I will need to transact this via PayPal until I can figure out how to integrate it here.


All round and oval ornaments can be set in a versatile frame.  Adding a frame costs $10 in addition to the cost of the Ornament.  Frame can be used to hang or to set on table or shelf.